Airconductor ™

Conduct an Orchestra With Your Phone + Smartwatch.

Have you ever wanted to try conducting an orchestra?

Conductor Gesture Detection

Air Conductor uses your phones accelerometer to turn it into a virtual conductor's baton with an orchestra that plays according to your beat.

Music Library

The app's music library includes selections from pieces by Beethoven, Sibelius, Ravel and Orff. Select the + button to conduct a midi file downloaded from the web or in cloud storage.

Realistic Orchestra Sound

Airconductor plays the midi file format and supports SF2 sound fonts which provides a realistic sound.


The Story

The idea for Airconductor was sparked while watching a video of this awesome exhibit at the Mendelssohn Museum in Leipzig, Germany, which allows visitors to conduct there own personal version of Mendellsons Midsummer Night Dream Overture. With Airconductor the app you can get this same level of experience with your smartphone. We have spent the last few months bringing the concept below to life. The app was launched in beta last fall for Android on the Google Play store and will be coming soon to the iPhone later in 2015.

  • May, 2014
    Kicked off Developoment of Airconductor beta
  • Aug, 2014
    Airconductor Beta Availble on the Google Play store
  • Jan, 2015
    Started development of Airconductor for iPhone

Our Team

Airconductor is an app brewed by the Mico App Brewery
Justin Maurer
Leon Bettis